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Art Next Expo

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In October 2017, a group of around 100 young talents representing the next generation of artists will gather at Art Next Expo in Hong Kong, the international art hub and a gateway to China.

Formerly known as New Art Wave, Art Next is the second edition of the Expo that connects the next generation of talented artists with the world of art professionals and collectors. It gives collectors an opportunity to access top quality works at affordable prices, a much desired alternative for new collectors who appreciate a lower entry barrier and for experienced collectors who look for young talents with market potential.

During the debut show in August 2015 in Macau, 100 artists from over 20 regions and countries showcased their creativity to more than 10,000 visitors from all over Asia, including gallery owners, collectors, curators and art professionals.

Participating artists are selected by a panel of judges comprising leading academics, artists, critics, as well as international gallery owners and collectors.

In a fun and relaxing environment at PMQ, Central, the centre of art and culture in Hong Kong’s gallery area, visitors will be able to talk directly to the artists, to understand their creative concept, and to discover the next big names in art. Artists will enjoy the opportunity to showcase their talents to potential buyers and collaborators, and have first-hand experience with the dynamics of art market. The dialogue is open, direct, interactive, and fun, and the experience will be refreshing to all.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Together, let’s shape what is next in art.