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Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Central Ferry Pier No. 8
Hong Kong
Tel : +852 3713 2500

Opening Hours : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (Monday to Friday). 10 am to 7 pm (Saturday and Sunday). Open on public holidays except the 1st and 2nd days of the Chinese New Year

We welcome you to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, one of Hong Kong's most popular visitor destinations. This exciting and innovative attraction includes semi-permanent and special exhibitions, dynamic displays, educational events and a Museum Shop. Here you will see how China, Asia and the West have contributed through the ages to the development of boats, ships, maritime exploration and trade, and naval warfare. While the Museum concentrates on the South China coast and its adjacent seas, it also covers global trends and provides a comprehensive account of Hong Kong's growth and development as a major world port and top maritime centre.

Museum history
The Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) is a registered charity founded in 2003 by members of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association. The following year it opened its doors to the public in Murray House, Stanley after a successful HK$33,000,000 fundraising campaign. Between 2006 and 2011 the museum attracted an average of 35,000 visitors per year.

Currently the museum employs a fulltime staff of 20, operates 7 days per week and has an artefacts collection of some 5000 items relating to the maritime history and marine life of Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea. It is a member of the International Council of Museums and the International Congress of Maritime Museums.

In 2009, the Hong Kong Government agreed to make available Pier 8, Central Ferry Piers, Victoria Harbour as a new home for the museum. In addition, the government supported the cost of relocation and will be providing an operational subsidy to the museum for the first five years. The new museum opened in March 2013.

The operation of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum is managed by three separate but related charitable entities, the HKMM Trust, HKMM Ltd and the HKMM Endowment Trust whose members are drawn from Hong Kong’s diverse maritime industries.