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China Art Projects

China Art Projects (CAP) was established in 2008 to support cultural exchange and artistic dialogue between China, Australia and England.

CAP artists represent innovative viewpoints on the world ranging from non-objective meditative practice to the ironically subversive. The artists draw on their particular cultural traditions to reinterpret artistic practice and challenge assumptions about social conventions. Solo and group exhibitions involving CAP, and invited artists, draw on these concepts to investigate relationships between their respective cultures and geopolitical environments.

CAP provides artists in the three countries with avenues to exhibit their work, access to sales and opportunities to participate in education programs which enhance understanding and communication between artists, critics, collectors and art agencies within and across the national/cultural boundaries.

CAP cooperates with other agencies – business, cultural, educational and political – to achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation. Exhibition space is procured according to the demands of the exhibition concept and the nature of the work involved.