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3rd floor, 311 Harbour Industrial Centre
10 Lee Hing Street, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

(visitor entrance and lifts accessible from Lee Lok Street by the loading bay opposite Oceanic Industrial Centre)
Tel : +(852) 2580 0393

Opening Hours : 11am – 7pm Wednesday through Sunday

toof [ contemporary ]
We at toof [ contemporary ] are devoted to providing access to thought-provoking contemporary art from around the world, with a focus on Brazil and Latin America. The gallery is a space for celebrating art in all forms, including and not limited to conceptual art, urban art, installation art, photography and sculpture.

toof [ contemporary ] aims to open cultural horizons, inspire collaborations, and forge relationships by acting as a bridge between artists, collectors, and art lovers, all while prodding audience to open their eyes, senses and intuitions to see beyond visual stimulation. We believe art is everywhere, in everything and for everyone.

toof [ contemporary ] represents artists such as Antoine D’Agata, Guilherme Kramer, Alexandre Orion, Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima, Speto, Miguel Angel Cordera, Rafael Hayashi and Nico Nemiri.

air | space
air | space, envisioned and brought to life by Birgit Vagani and Riccardo Bardallini, was born out of the love and passion for creating a ‘location destination’ for people to unwind and relax, meet new friends or acquaintances, and get inspired by an environment that speaks to all 5 senses through combining art, culture, design, nature and conscious living with international vegetarian cuisine. A place from which people feel better than before they came, more inspired and engaged in their own lives.

Located at the heart of the emerging South Island Cultural District (SICD), artichoke [ canteen ] in collaboration with toof [ contemporary ] offer 4.500 sq ft. of indoor/outdoor multi-functional space that is both casual and welcoming, like a private living room and garden. It is suitable for quiet gatherings, as well as parties or private functions with flexible capacity to serve up to approximately 150 seated or 300 standing guests.

artichoke [ canteen ]
artichoke [ canteen ]‘s menu and food concept are the results of an inspiring and fruitful collaboration with Cédric Alexandra, former executive chef of LKF Hotel and founder of AAA Hospitality Group in Hong Kong.

Our menu is filled with delicious dishes from every corner of the world, offering food in different combinations with tasty contrasts. We have brought together our favourite vegetarian dishes from far and wide, with a creative twist.

artichoke [ canteen ] is a place to celebrate specially-sourced, organic vegetarian ingredients; a place to re-discover forgotten foods and ways of cooking. We are serious about filtering our water, and using non-preserved products both locally grown from the fresh market by the harbour and from around the world, to offer food that is true to their original flavours and timely for the season. For our non-vegetarian friends, they would still be able to enjoy the catch of the day (fish) and a selection of white meat alternatives.