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State-of-the-Arts Gallery
16A Max Share Center, 371 King's Road, Hong Kong
Tel : (+852) 2526 1133

Opening Hours : by appointment, please contact 28569711 / Joe Chan

Since it was founded in 2003, State-of-the-Arts Gallery has organized numerous exhibitions, charity functions and special events for an array of artists worldwide. It started with promoting Austrian arts with more than twelve contracted artists. In several years of time, the Gallery has rapidly established itself as a contemporary international fine arts gallery featuring artists from countries across continents: from Austria to other parts of Europe like France and England; and from Australia to remote Latin American countries including Mexico, Chile and Columbia. The Gallery offers purchase, lease, or commission for a variety of artwork including paintings, sculptures, artistic photographs and glassware. All artworks are selected within the parameter of high quality and collection value. Selected works share the common characteristics of conceptual originality, thematic consistency, and refinement in techniques as sharing the artists’ self-cultivation and philosophy of art has always been our priority aim at promoting commercial art.