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Comix Home Base
7th Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel : +(852) 2838 3393

Opening Hours : 12pm to 8pm  (Tuesday to Sunday). Closed on Monday.

As we embark on the 21st century, Hong Kong's flourishing comics and animation industries are in great need for an exhibition hub and centre for exchange that connects local artists with the international community. In light of this need, Comix Home Base is now established in Wan Chai. It is an important first step attesting to the maturity of Hong Kong's comics and animation industries, promoting innovation and injecting artistic energy into the local community.

Comix Home Base is a collaborative project by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Urban Renewal Authority (URA). It is also the URA's first project focusing on cultural and creative industries. A revitalisation of a cluster of ten pre-war Grade 2 historic buildings on Mallory Street and Barrows Street, Comix Home Base serves as an important connector to the neighbourhood. Six buildings on Mallory Street and the façade of four other Burrows Street buildings have been adaptively reused. In addition, there are open spaces for other activities.

Comics and animation arts are omnipresent; they are intimately related to everyday life and are indispensable to the development of children and youths. Since they are endowed with popular culture's immense influence and penetrating power, comics and animation also play an important role in the promotion of arts and cultural education. In fact, Hong Kong is the world's third largest comics market, after Japan and the United States. We should not overlook the potential of comics and animation, let alone the shape of their future.

The establishment of Comix Home Base not only provides a new cultural landmark in Wan Chai but also brands Wan Chai as Hong Kong's first art community for homegrown comics and animation, adding much diversity to the district. Besides, Comix Home Base acts as a platform for the communication and interchange between local and overseas artists. With a place to meet and interact, comics and animation talents are nurtured and related products are promoted, fostering the growth of this art form into an even richer asset for Hong Kong. In other words, Comix Home Base has the power to strengthen the development of creative industries both locally and regionally, as well as on the global scale.

Wan Chai has long been intertwined with segments of Hong Kong's comics history. Prominent artists such as Tony Wong Yuk-long and Seung-gun Siu-bo grew up in Wan Chai in the 1960s and 1970s: it is not an overstatement that Wan Chai was the cradle for local comics. The annual Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong is also held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in the district. Besides, there are many comics and animation shops in Wan Chai, with a large number located in the Oriental 188 Shopping Centre. In addition, the book cafés nearby specialise in comics, making this venue an ideal meeting place.

The ground floor of Comix Home Base comprises art-related retail stores and a 300-metre public open space. Small-scale food & beverage facilities are located on the first floor. Second and third floors offer work spaces as well as venues for events and exhibitions, while the exhibition hall is located on the fourth floor. Together with education, creative works, production spaces, retail outlets and documentation storage devoted to comics and animation, they constitute a compact, sustaining model for the industries. We believe all these supporting facilities can serve as solid foundations for the long-term development of the local comics and animation industries.