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"Visions Present and Future"- The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society 43rd Annual Exhibition
Art Experience Gallery
01 Jul - 29 Jul 2017
Opening Reception : 01 Jul 2017, 17:00 - 20:00
"Visions Present and Future"- The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society 43rd Annual Exhibition

"Visions Present and Future"- The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society 43rd Annual Exhibition Poster

Exhibition Duration: 1 July – 29 July 2017
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday | 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception: 1 July (Sat) 2017 | 5 – 8pm (*Artists Present)
Venue: Art Experience Gallery
Artists: Gaylord Chan, Peggy Chan, Eddie Cheung, Josephine Chow, Michelle Fung Kuen Suet, He Jilan, Kwok Mang Ho (Frog King), Danny Lee, Li Ki Kwok, Eddie Lui, Samuel O, Paul Pang, Raymond Pang, Tsang Fan Kwong, Wong Wing Tong, Stephen Yau, Malone Yuen

The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society (VAS) and Art Experience Gallery join forces and are proud to jointly present “Visions Present and Future” – The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society 43rd Annual Exhibition. For the very first time, The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society is collaborating with a local gallery. This exhibition will showcase more than thirty pieces of recent work by seventeen Hong Kong artists to present a great diversity of media and styles from Chinese and Western painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture to installation art. It is also a cross-generational dialogue between renowned veteran artists and young emerging talents. Seven new members of the Society are invited to participate in the 43rd annual exhibition, include Peggy Chan, Michelle Fung Kuen Suet, He Jilan, Paul Pang, Raymond Pang, Wong Wing Tong, and Malone Yuen.

Titled “Visions Present and Future”, it speaks loudly of the Society’s vision to pass the baton to the younger generation artists. Art Experience Gallery who shares the same vision and goal to nurture young artists and cultivate the local art scene, is honoured to co-present this exhibition with VAS. Throughout the works shown in this exhibition, each artist speaks a strong and unique dialogue of their cultures and identities, embracing the passion for life and creation, and translating inspirations into their own visual languages. VAS annual exhibition is an important event in the Hong Kong art calendar as this occasion provides an excellent opportunity for members to communicate their creative achievements and ideas to a wider public.

About Hong Kong Visual Arts Society

Established in 1973, Hong Kong Visual Arts Society (VAS) is one of the earliest and most energetic art groups in Hong Kong. It was established by a group of like-minded artists to promote the development and enhancement of visual arts appreciation in Hong Kong, most of the members are renowned local visual artists. Former chairman of the Society include Gaylord Chan, Aser But, Chu Hing Wah, Lui Chun Kwong, Mok Yat San, Danny Lee, etc., and now VAS is under the chairmanship of Eddie Lui as President and Frog King, Kwok Mang Ho as Vice President. Their experience is vast and they have been organizing exhibitions to promote visual arts in Hong Kong for more than four decades.

To further encourage and facilitate dialogues between local artists, two seminars will take place at Art Experience Gallery on 15 July 2017, and 29 July 2017. It is open to everyone who wishes to participate.

*Free Admission, RSVP and enquiry at fion@artexperiencegallery.com / +852 2110 9928.

Seminar I | 15 July 2017 (Sat)

The Premiere Hong Kong Visual Art Group with the Magnificent Line-up of the 7 New Recruits
Time: 2:30 − 4:30pm
Moderator: Mr. Eddie Lui
Speakers: 7 new Society members

Seminar II | 29 July 2017 (Sat)

Part A: The Flocks Walking Across the Desert of Art
Time: 3 − 4:30pm
Speaker: Mr. Simon Chiu

About Simon Chiu

Graduated form the Fine Art Department of the University of Hong Kong, Simon has worked as curatorial staff at the Hong Kong Museum of Art for ten years, and was responsible for the research and exhibitions for tea, modern and Hong Kong art. Founded Art Farm in 1993 to promote local art education, he keeps his interest in local art study and has involved in the production of over 30 Hong Kong artist video documentary over the past 20 years. These productions serve as valuable supplement for the written records of Hong Kong art development.

Part B: From the Very Avant-garde Era of the British Crown Colony to the not Entirely Contemporary Arena of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Time: 5 − 6:30pm
Speakers: Mr. Eddie Lui & Mr. Kwok Mang Ho (Frog King)

Art Experience Gallery

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday, 11am - 6pm


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