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“Faraway, So Close” – Solo Exhibition by Hye Kyoung Kwon
Art Experience Gallery
03 Dec - 21 Jan 2017
Opening Reception : 03 Dec 2016, 15:00 - 12:00
“Faraway, So Close” – Solo Exhibition by Hye Kyoung Kwon

Opening Reception: 3 December 2016 (Saturday) I 3 – 6pm (*Artist present)
Exhibition Duration: 3 December 2016 - 21 January 2017 Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday I 11am – 6pm Venue: Art Experience Gallery

“Faraway, So Close” – Solo Exhibition by Hye Kyoung Kwon

Art Experience Gallery proudly presents the first solo exhibition of Korean artist Hye Kyoung Kwon, entitled “Faraway, So Close”. This exhibition features Hye Kyoung Kwon’s recent works in which most of the painted subjects are appearing in life size.

Hye’s inspirations came from the contemporary urbanscape, she resembles the hidden signs and objects in daily environment with her personal statuses and self-identity while living and travelling in different cities. The unattended objects neglected by people in everyday life are recreated on canvases and present an innocent beauty. Looking at her large paintings of construction waste container, power box and handcart filled with piles of unfolded carton boxes, they reflect the emotional connections between Hye and these daily objects, which appear almost as self-portraits of the artist at different stages. Through her paintings, Hye responds to the insignificant characteristics that came across in her daily life and questions the values in society.

The experience of living aboard in the West has turned Hye into a quiet observer, while she found comfort from everyday objects in the unfamiliar environment. Her painted objects reflect a sense of isolation and loneliness resonates with our contemporary society, but somehow they create a state of tranquility for the viewers to experience an intimate distance with the familiar objects surrounding us. These urban objects reappear in life size impacts the viewers’ visual sensation and create a different encounter. Such objects painted in life size speaks across space and cultures, the appearance of her works challenge the essence of painting as an art form, and come into existence almost as real objects. Hye applies varies techniques and materials intelligently to create fine texture and turns the ordinary into extraordinary. It gives such pleasure to observe these objects from an artistic view through the artist’s eyes.

Hye’s recent paintings include a personal series of interior objects from her old studio, and street objects that she discovered in South Korea and Hong Kong. Her new work shows the artist is moving forward to a new direction of practice with growing diversity in her expression.

Art Experience Gallery

Room 2009, 20/F, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong From MTR Tsuen Wan West Station (Exit B): Go along Hoi Hing Road, turn right to Hoi Kok Street (zebra crossing) and arrive Cable TV Tower on Hoi Shing Road.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday, 11am - 6pm


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