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Guillaume Bottazzi - Free creations 2016
03 Oct - 26 Nov 2016

Artiscope Gallery Boulevard Saint Michel, 35 1040 Brussels Belgium artiscope@artiscope.be http://www.artiscope.be/artists/142-other-artists/bottazzi
Guillaume Bottazzi - Free creations 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi

Guillaume Bottazzi - Free creations 2016
is a solo exhibition of the work of the visual artist Guillaume Bottazzi and is organised by the Artiscope gallery in Brussels. The gallery invites the public to discover these fine works of art. The exhibition will show recent works by the artist.

The exhibition is composed of 12 paintings measuring from 290 cm x 190 cm, to the smallest 22 cm x 28 cm. They are crafted from fine plaster on fabric and ink or oil on raw linen canvas. The uniqueness and the refinement of their composition will surprise the viewer.

More reading: http://www.guillaume.bottazzi.org/en/exhibitions/artiscope-gallery.html



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