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The Invisible Visible

Karin Weber Gallery
13 May - 27 Jun 2014
Opening Reception : 13 May 2014, 18:00 - 21:00
The Invisible Visible

Artist: Peter Panyoczki & Udo Nöger

Karin Weber Gallery celebrates 15 years in Hong Kong with its upcoming exhibition series, the first of which is “The Invisible Visible” – showcasing works by renowned artists Peter Panyoczki and Udo Nöger. The exhibition runs from Tuesday, 13 May to Friday, 27 June, and is set to be a key satellite exhibition during the city’s annual May celebration of art.

“The Invisible Visible” exhibition questions the reality of what we see and how we see it, asking: What makes the invisible visible to the human eye. The theme of the show focuses on visibility and tangibility, two truly global concepts that transcend boundaries and preconceptions. Artists Peter Panyoczki and Udo Nöger both explore representations of light and nature from different perspectives, making for a thought provoking show on how we view reality.

German artist Udo Nöger is known as one of the few contemporary artists who has developed a true sensitivity to light and space as a material which is displayed through his work with two pictorial levels overlapping as positive and negative patterns exchange their optical presence. His work is based on the synthesis of the painted image and structured light objects. Nöger’s paintings consist of three translucent canvas layers that absorb the light of their surroundings and appear to reflect it back at the viewer. Deceptively simple organic shapes, often not featured on the surface of the works, but placed in the middle layer canvas; introduce a deeper sense of space from which the light radiates out. The shapes also highlight contrasts between light and shade while creating a sense of fluidity and movement. Light is revealed in its truest sense, in both its physical manifestation and its inherent spirituality.

Peter Panyoczki, originally from Hungary and now based in New Zealand, focuses on organic and even microscopic substances with light in his pieces, displaying a broader theme using materials of nature and civilization including plates of slate, driftwood, tree bark, stones, lead and steel. The artist explores the relationship between written text and image in art, in the form of codes such as Braille and Morse code, featuring sign systems in his art that have written language translated into other ciphering systems.

Panyoczki searches for a visual formula to express his puzzled view on life and uses Braille to point out our weakness as human beings of being blind to the meaning of life.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Karin Weber Gallery, making it one of Hong Kong’s longest standing art galleries. Karin Weber Gallery is now led by Leena Gidwani, Stephanie Braun and Kenneth Young, with Young as Gallery Director. Under the new directorship of this expert team of talented gallerists, Karin Weber Gallery enters into this new phase with renewed focus on showcasing contemporary works by emerging to mid-career artists. Founder Karin Weber will continue to advise and support the team from her new base in Berlin.

“We at Karin Weber Gallery are excited to welcome two established international artists back to our gallery in time to celebrate our 15th anniversary. With our team of directors based in urban cultural hubs such as London, Mumbai and Berlin, we are now more than ever able to source art works from around the world. We are planning an exciting range of contemporary exhibitions and art fairs,” says Kenneth Young, Gallery Director.

Karin Weber Gallery

G/F, 20 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:
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