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Alberto Reguera
Alberto Reguera was born in Segovia, Spain, in 1961.
I Am The Central Academy Of Fine Art Model by Zhao Gang

Spanish artist Alberto Reguera is staging his second solo exhibition in Karin Weber Gallery emphasizing spatial volume, pigment and expansion. Taking nature as a departure point of creation, Reguera meticulously works out the texture, colors melting into one another.  Each painting is an abstraction of a landscape, with heavy layers of paint, color pigment spilling beyond the canvas into the white space.  One could definitely feel the emphasis on volume, movement and energy in the works on canvas.  Reguera is eliminating the traditional frontiers between painting, sculpture and pictorial installation. Most of the 15 expansive paintings in the coming exhibition have been created with the aim to produce harmony within the Karin Weber Gallery.


While this Hong Kong exhibition is under way he is also involved in an institutional show in Paris, where he is exhibiting individually at Campus Eiffel 1 of the École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE). In 2012 he staged a UNESCO-sponsored exhibition at Place du Louvre in Paris. That same year he was “artist in residence” in Shanghai, where he produced two large expanded paintings for the CEIBS) collection. Along with his paintings held by that prestigious Chinese institution, his works also form part of the Testimoni Caixa collection in Barcelona, the Marc Moyens collection in Washington D.C., and the Juan March Foundation’s collection in Madrid, amongst others. In Madrid he exhibited at the ARCO international fair last year.




Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
Cervantes Institute, Brussels
Pascal Polar Galley, Brussels

Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
City Hall. Hong Kong
Claude Samuel Gallery, Paris
Nuble Gallery, Santander, Spain

Antonio Machon Gallery, Madrid
Cruz Herrera Museum, La linea, Cádiz, Spain

Claude Samuel Gallery, Paris.
Pascal Polar Gallery, Knokke, Belgium
Olivier Nouvellet Gallery. Paris.
‘Expanding Painting’, Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisbon

‘Geometric Landscapes’, Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
‘Elemental Shift’, Alberto Reguera & Jeffrey Kroll. Scream Gallery, London
‘Beyond Form’, Sculpture Square, Singapore

Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisbon
Robayera Espace, Cantabria, Spain
Scream Gallery, London
Sara Rooney Gallery, Sydney

Monasterio Nª Señora del Prado, Valladolid
Pascal Polar Gallery, Brussels
Global Art Source, Zurich
Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
Zuloaga Museum, Segovia, Spain

First Floor Gallery. Hamburg
Antonio Machon Gallery. Madrid.
"Constelaciones". Fundación Caneja (Palencia) - Sala de Exposiciones F.E.C. (Burgos) - Centro Cultural san Agustín. El Burgo de Osma. (Soria). Monasterio de santa Ana. (Ávila).- Museo de Salamanca. (Salamanca.) Spain

Gallery K. Washington, DC
Antònio Prates Gallery, Lisbon
‘Atmósferas’, Cervantes Institute, London

‘Matière Flotante’, Global Art Source, Zurich
Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris

Pascal Polar Gallery, Brussels 
‘Silencios’, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.(with Bart Spaan)
Antonio Machón Gallery, Madrid
‘Art Paris’, Stand Pascal Polar
Gallery K, Washington D.C.

Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
Cervantes Institute, London
Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisbon
Cervantes Institute, Utrecht, Holland

Antonio Machón Gallery, Madrid
Sta. Joana Gallery, Aveiro, Portugal

Gallery K, Washington, D.C.
Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisbon
Rubén Forni Art Gallery, Brussels

‘Kunst-Rai ‘97’, Cervantes Institute Stand, Amsterdam

La casa del Siglo XV, Segovia
Rubén Forni Art Gallery, Brussels.
Le Sao Bento Gallery, Lisbon
Antonio Machón Gallery, Madrid

Javier Ochoa Gallery, Zaragoza
Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. (with Bart Spaan)
Rubén Forni Art Gallery, Brussels
Antònio Prates Gallery, Lisbon
Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
Bárcena & Cía. Gallery, Madrid
Caja de Ahorros de Salamanca, Palencia

Olivier Nouvellet Gallery, Paris
Torreón de Lozoya, Segovia
Santa Cruz Palace, Valladolid
Trie gallery, Athens

Spanish Embassy Exhibition Hall, Utrech
‘Las Francesas’, Exhibition Hall, Valladolid
‘Lineart’, Arthur Gallery, Paris
Ruben Forni Art Gallery, Brussels

Eladio Fernández Gallery, Madrid
Bereshit Gallery, Toledo. Eugen-Lendl Gallery, Graz
Javier Ochoa gallery, Zaragoza
Caja de Ahorros de Salamanca, Palencia

Rubén Forni Art Gallery, Brussels
Bilbao-Vizcaya Bank, Valladolid. 

La Casa del S.XV, Segovia
Ateneo de Madrid, Madrid

Rubén Forni Art Gallery, Brussels

Caja de Ahorros de Salamanca, Palencia, Spain