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Tony Lloyd
The Cat Street Gallery is thrilled to debut Tony Lloyd with his upcoming show ELEMENTAL in our newest gallery location 50 Tung Street.

Lloyd returns to The Cat Street Gallery for a second solo show with a mind-blowingly realistic portrayal of mountainous landscapes. This exhibition reveals a cool world of enigmatic landscapes. Painted in icy blues and steely greys, his images have a cinematic majesty and a dreamlike strangeness to them. Mountains appear to sway, lakes reveal false reflections, roads disappear into darkness. A sense of otherness pervades his world.

Lloyd’s paintings are informed and inspired by cinematography. Working from low-res images grabbed from video, Lloyd subtly distorts the landscape, stripping it of unnecessary features and exaggerating aspects to present an elemental view of the world. These altered landscapes retain a sense of place but it is an archetypal impression that they convey. These locations could be from anywhere, and from any time.

Tony Lloyd currently lives and works in Melbourne. He has won copious awards including the 2014 Belle Arti prize and the 2012 John Leslie Art Prize. Lloyd has received Development Grants from the Australia Council and has had artist residencies at The British School at Rome, and in Amsterdam and Beijing. Lloyd has shown widely in Australia and internationally. His paintings are in many public collections including the State Library of Victoria and RMIT Gallery and in private collections around the world.
I Am The Central Academy Of Fine Art Model by Zhao Gang
The Drift
2015, 120 x 61 cm, oil on linen