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OGUT Biography

Ogut, born in 1974, is a Javanese contemporary painter. Painting is his hobby. In his opinion, all maestros are best as long as they use their soul and they are responsible with their art. “Do the best as we can and realize what we do with soul.’’as he says.

Specializing in mix of oil and acrylic painting, his artistic career date back to the end of 1996 when his primary artworks began to embody the spirit of movement.

Featuring in a sense of movement, Ogut's artwork always presents a dynamic composition with extraordinary details. He is bold in graphic and his creative use of oil and acrylic presents the texture in an ingenious way. By such, it channels his sensitive observation, feeling and philosophy with his audience, subtly but touchingly.

Ogut has exhibited his artworks in several group exhibitions and interior design in private and public places including Pullman Hotel, Art Chromatic, JPS, Sixpoint, American Women Association Art (AWA).


二十年對創作的熱愛表現在Ogut 混合油彩和壓克力彩的創作。Ogut的家鄉是被海環繞的島,所以他的初期作品開始展現出身體的動態,就像海浪波動一般的。