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YAZ Biography

Yaz, a French artist, was born in 1974 in a city sculptured into rock, called Constantine of North East Algeria. As a child he grew up exposed to a variety of cultures, with his family moved to Montreal in Canada in 1978. His passion to create has been revealed when his family emigrated to France in 1982. After his studies in 1994, he began working as a trader at Paris Stock Exchange, to finance his artistic production. Presently working in Paris and Flores, he would be best described as a citizen of the world with an ability to travel and create anywhere.

Specializing in mixed media, painting, sculpture, photography, and art of mirror, Yaz defies boundaries, engages emotions and communicates visions via a common language. He is a strong humanist who constantly seeks understanding of the environment around us. Recently he has been photographing visual paradoxes found in various global cultures.

He sees, feels and then creates via a mixed media of photography, layered paint, infused light and detailed sculpture in bronze, resin and aluminium. His works often draw attention to the fragile line between private and public realms, with intense colour and passion.
His style is bold, competent and confident beyond his years; a courageous approach that is part "happenstance" and very much about the process of moving paint around while still under control.

As a multi-talent artist, Yaz's creativeness has already enjoyed tremendous success and generated a substantial buzz. His artworks have been auctioned off by 11 times in last 2 years by international auction houses such as Artcurial, Bonhams, Doyle and Leonard Joel. They are also appreciated by exquisite design in high-end hotels, and multiple prestige residential projects in Australia, U.S and Europe.

Yaz,法國藝術家, 一九七四年八月十四曰生於北非阿爾及利亞。Yaz 的家鄉,康斯坦丁是一個直街建立在岩石峭壁上的城市。因為Yaz四歲就和家人搬到加拿大,所以他從小就接觸多元文化。當他跟著家人搬遷到法國的時候,他對創作的熱愛再次覺醒。畢業之後,Yaz開始在巴黎證券交易所工作來維持他藝術的創作。現在,他選擇在法國巴黎和印尼間工作室創作。他可以被稱作一個隨處創作的世界公民。

Yaz 善於挑戰不同的藝術領域,運用非當下的材質來創作。他擅長混合媒介,如繪畫,雕塑,鏡子藝術和攝影。他希望定義界限、融入情感和與用共通的語言進行視覺上的交流。他的作品運用強烈而大膽的的色彩,表現他的激情和信心。他不僅尋找人性並探究周遭的環境,強烈的對比表現文化,進而觸動我們的感性。



當一個多元化才能的藝術家,Yaz的創作已經受到國際藝壇和藏家注目。他的作品已經在多個國際拍賣會拍賣被收藏十一次了,其中包括了從巴黎Artcurial,倫敦Bonhams,紐約Doyle,墨爾本Leonard Joel,而且很多高等飯店及私人住家,也熱愛擁有他的創作。
I Am The Central Academy Of Fine Art Model by Zhao Gang


05/02/2014 “Americana Kryptos”, Sculpture Bronze (lot#175), Artcurial, Paris. 

05/11/2013 “Nike Air Yeezy 2”, Sculpture Gilded Bronze (lot#322), Doyle, New York. 

07/07/2013 “Marlene 60x40cm’’ Light Installation (lot#429), Leonard Joel, Melbourne Australia.

07/07/2013 “Fashion is Art 40x40cm’’ Light Installation (lot#385), Leonard Joel.

07/07/2013 “Belmondo’’ Light Installation (lot#384), Leonard Joel, Melbourne

07/07/2013 “Wrestling 173x122cm’’ Light Installation (lot#376), Leonard Joel.

17/04/2013 “Serie Icon, Air Jordan IV”, Bronze (lot#18), Bonhams, London. 

22/01/2013 “Serie Icon, Jordan VI”, Sculpture Bronze (lot#225), Artcurial, Paris.

18/11/2012 “Abstract 98x98cm’’ Light Installation (lot#180), Leonard Joel.

18/11/2012 “Tu as de beaux yeux tu sais 50x50cm’’ Light Installation (lot#180), Leonard Joel, Melbourne Australia.