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Sarah Lai
Born in 1983, Sarah Lai lives and works in Hong Kong.

She obtained her BA in Fine Arts in 2007, and is currently pursuing her MFA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was a finalist of the 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. Her solo exhibitions include Spotting the Light onto a Light, Gallery EXIT (Hong Kong, 2013), ART TAIPEI (Taipei, 2013), Safety Island, Gallery EXIT (Hong Kong, 2011), ART HK 10 (Hong Kong, 2010). Sarah Lai's works are collected internationally.

The subjects of Sarah Lai’s paintings include highly familiar, mundane objects such as a desk lamp, a steam rack, or a glass of water. Isolated from their ordinary context and deprived of indications of their utilitarian function, these relics of our commodity culture take on a surprising aura, reaching a certain degree of abstraction and beauty. Her works are collected internationally.
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