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Nastaran Shahbazi
Born in 1982, Nastaran Shahbazi is an Iranian artist, living and working between Paris and Hong Kong.

Trained in both graphic design and visual arts, Shahbazi developed a strong interest in printmaking during her studies. Since then, she has been experimenting with the medium, and has exhibited original etchings in solo and group exhibitions. She also makes unsettling monochromatic drawings, as well as bold and vividly-colored expressionist paintings.

Her works deal with war, oppression and displacement, and at the same time, they are personal expressions of loss and despair. Imbued with mystery, the unfathomable images produced by Shahbazi contain her boiling resentment for intolerance.
I Am The Central Academy Of Fine Art Model by Zhao Gang


I    Education    I

Master 1 Visual Arts, Paris 8 University, France

Motion and Graphic Design, Gobelins l’Ecole de I’Image, Paris, France

Master 2 Visual Arts, Lille 3 University, France

Bachelor of Graphics, Azad University (Art and Architecture), Tehran, Iran



I    Solo Exhibitions    I

[Upcoming] Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Things Scatter, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


I    Group Exhibitions    I

Bongah Project, Lajevardi Fondation, Tehran, Iran

Firefly, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Musée Le Vergeur, Reims, France

Demeure des Comtes de Champagne, Reims, France

Fundación Museo de Artes del Grabado, La Coruña, Spain

Aban Gallery, Tehran, Iran