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LUO Jianwu 羅建武 (B.1944)
Luo Jianwu (b.1944) was born in Wusheng, Sichuan in 1944 during the Japanese occupation of China. At the age of 5, his family migrated from Beijing to Taiwan. Drawn to fine art from a young age and afforded access to the famed National Palace Museum collection where his mother was a ticket vendor, Luo taught himself the rudiments of ink painting. In 1966, he graduated from Guoli Yichuan, the National Art Institute of Taipei. In 1987, he moved to the USA. In New York, Luo Jianwu was fortunate to befriend the famed artist and connoisseur C.C. Wang. Having access to the great paintings in the C.C. Wang collection and discussing these works with the famed collector furthered his resolve to produce works of ink art in the traditional style of the great Song dynasty master artists. He later joined several group shows in New York, which led to his paintings being collected by The Harvard University and Princeton University art museums.
Luo did not return to China – his ancestral home for over five decades. The artist is currently based Shandong, China near the base of Mount Tai. Luo’s art practice frequently leads him into the forests and mountains of China – to find inspiration and to sketch and photograph landscape and trees that find their way into his ink paintings. His playfulness with composition and his adroitness with the brush combine as he creates multi-layered visualizations of reverence and meditation distilled from the natural world. Complimenting his life as an established ink artist, Luo Jianwu is also a tea master and connoisseur. His passion for selecting, brewing and drinking the finest tea is as much way of life as his painting practice.
I Am The Central Academy Of Fine Art Model by Zhao Gang
Junipers at Jade Mountain
ink on paper enscribed "By the seventy-year-old elderly man Luo Jianwu" with 5 seals of the artist: bottom left 'Sui han hou diao', Middle right 'Cha chi', bottom right 'Luo Jianwu', top right 'Cheng huai' and top left 'He luo'.
138.6 x 69.3 cm

1944 Born in Wusheng, Sichuan, China

1949 Immigrated from China to Taiwan

1966 Graduated from Guoli Yichuan, the National Art Institute of Taipei


1987 Moved to the USA 



 2001 Ten, Kaikodo Asian Art, New York, USA 


2009 Honored Guests, Kaikodo Asian Art, New York, USA

 2010 Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing, China (宋庄国际艺术节)


 2010 Brush and Ink Reconsidered: Contemporary Chinese Landscapes, Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


2011 Asian Journeys, Kaikodo Asian Art, New York, USA

2012 Magnificent Obsessions, Kaikodo Asian Art, New York, USA

2013 Welcoming the Spring, Kaikodo Asian Art, New York, USA


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