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Fernanda Brunet
b. 1965, Mexico City, Mexico

Fernanda Brunet’s work is well known for her intense, vibrant and organic pop-coloured visual art. Although some academics classified her work as a trend from the 1990s known as Mexican “orientalism”, her subject matters are diverse, and she draws inspiration from natural elements, global iconography - including Asian and Mexican - and abstract themes.

Whilst her swirls and explosions are reminiscent of Japanese comics, her flower representations display the global intensity and vibrant language of nature. Just like modern expressionists of the 20th century, Fernanda aims to paint the world solely from her perspective, by distorting it radically to create an emotional effect, to generate feelings, moods and ideas. In her series Animals, she reminds us of a purer force free of political and social concerns. She creates almost idealised worlds of perfect harmony that come together despite the juxtaposition of seemingly foreign iconographic elements. Fernanda’s rough brushes, use of mixed media on the canvas and powerful colours are all mechanisms for her to express guttural emotions, feelings from deep inside. In her more recent Flowers series a blithe but powerful and balanced Fernanda comes to life in front of our eyes.

Fernanda has successfully exhibited across Mexico, Europe and the US and had her first solo show in Asia with Puerta Roja in 2011. For over a decade she has had almost yearly exhibitions in New York where she has a loyal following. Her works have been regularly exhibited in museums as one of the best representatives of contemporary Latin American art; she is part of major public and private collections, including the prominent Jumex Collection and more recently the Harbour City Art collection in Hong Kong. Her works have been included in Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury Latin American and Contemporary art auctions and has participated in major fairs including Art Basel Miami and ARCO Madrid.

Puerta Roja represents Fernanda Brunet in Asia since 2011.