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Nerone (Sergio Terzi)
Nerone is a painter, sculptor, writer, poet and musician. Autodidact, he started painting at the age of thirty. Nerone showed his talent in art immediately, showing an explosive personality and creation without limitation. Nerone releases his truest feeling through glowing color from his turbulent memory, great skills and experiences, unburden about love...

His mentor, Antonio Ligabue, was one of the most important Naive artist of the 20th century. Being the oldest of seven children who grew up in poverty with an alcoholic and abusive father; later also becoming that alcoholic, but then recovered from the disease; and day by day losing a part of his wife, the big love of his life, to the invasive Alzheimer's disease, until after almost 14 years of suffering she passed away in the autumn of 2012.

Seeing Nerone's paintings, you'll be surprised by his passion and desire for art--never tire to paint. Self-taught, his soul is out of rules or movement of school. It's also not an easy job for critics being contradicted to comment his works. Nerone follows maters path, but rebel the definition from others. "Art should be a way of expression but not content on book."

As time went by, Nerone's paintings evolved. From the end of the nineties onward, Nerone takes a more abstract direction, pursuing a new creative freedom. The creation of each and every one of his artworks is and always will be a way to release deep-rooted emotions which stir up inside, and are best let out through this surreal ability of creation that god has given him. His abstract paintings reveal, recall and release experiences of his life, so as his own--its vivid colour and the way of floating, the strong emotions behind these bellicose and undeniable level of expressive potential.

Initially each canvas was focused on life; they were dominated by the enchantment of pure, decisive and intense oil colours. From the random and powerful oil on canvas paintings, Nerone presents a series of works that bring the viewers into his inner full of artistic and grateful thinking of god that transferred the pain and sufferance in life. "... his magmatic, colourful contortions and kaleidoscopic, almost mosaic compositions speak of love." best described his abstract works.

Nerone never wastes any second creating, that's how he communicates and make up for himself from the past memories. "Blessed is he whose fame does not outshine his truth." This untamed, rebellious artist might prison himself in his works. However, his spirit never compromises to fate, never afraid to speak of love! Nerone’s warrior spirit always roars. It never sleeps.

Nerone had hold exhibitions around the world including Italy, Germany, USA and Canada. Some recognized pieces are held in multiple public collection such as Vaticano Museum in Italy, Contemporary Art Collection of the Quirinale in Italy, National Children's Museum in USA.

May 2014 Nerone Solo Exhibition, Galerie KOO, HK