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Olga Tobreluts
Olga Tobreluts is a Russian artist, who studied in Russia but also studied in Berlin, Germany
for computer graphic, She is one of the few people back then tried with computer graphic
and new media in creating art. She is not only working on mixed media, she is also
creating paintings, sculptures and photography. She has over 90 exhibitions all around
the world in different major cities. She is always experimenting new media and new
presentation of art.
I Am The Central Academy Of Fine Art Model by Zhao Gang
Pirnt on canvas, 164x144 cm ( 2002-2012), Edition 1/3

1988     Graduated from Architectural College, Leningrad, Russia

1989     Special graduate in computer graphics at the Institute Art+Com, Berlin, Germany

1992     Organized Laboratory for the Study of Ornament, Saint Petersburg, Russia

1993     1-International forum computer art Grafikon, Woe from Wit, Exploratory Laboratory

Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Selected Exhibitions

2013     Dallas Art Fair, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, Texas

2012     Upgrade, Lazarev Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (solo)

2012     The New Mythology, Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy (solo)

2012     The Houston Fine Art Fair, Deborah Colton Gallery, TX

2012     Pieta et resurrection, Orel Art Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

2012     Focus on Russia I, FotoFest 2012 Biennale, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX (solo)

2012     The Dallas Art Fair, Deborah Colton Gallery, Dallas, TX

2008     TOBRELUTS, Moskow (solo)

2008     Olga Tobreluts, Muzeum of Art Nizny Tagil Russia (solo)

2008     Targuin and Lukretia, Zelinsky Muzeum Kaunas Litva (solo)

2007     Storytellers, The Kremlin, Nizhniy Novgorod (solo)

2007     History of Russian Video Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2007     The archive of perestrojka art”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma, Finland

2007     Adventures of the Black Square”, The State Russian museum, Saint- Petersburg, Russia

2007     Thinning factor, Orel Art Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

2006     Tarquin and Lucretia, D137 Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (solo)

2006     Sense of Life – Sense of Art. State Russian Museum, St Petersburg (catalogue)

2006     Let there be video, Russian video art 1996-2006. Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue)

2006     Fotobiennale, Large Manege, Moscow (catalogue)

2006     OPTICA Tarquin and Lucretia, The Gijon International Fastival of Video Art, Gijon, Spain

2006     ART ATTACK! (Russian contemporary art), Orel Art Gallery, Paris, France

2005     VIII BIENNIAL OF GRAPHICS Kaliningrad 2005 (catalogue)

2005     Altre Lilith, scuderie Aldobrandini (catalogue)

2005     Europalia Russia, Belgium

2005     Moscow biennale of contemporary State Tretyakov Gallery "ACCOMPLICES", Russia

2005     Graphics Biennale, Kaliningrad, Russia (solo)

2005     Billboards, Sydney, Australia (solo)

2005     New Gallery, Houston, USA (solo)

2005     Gallery Planetario, Palazzo Forte, Verona, Italy (solo)

2005     Sacred figures, Galleria Il Segno Del Tempo Milan, Italy (solo)

2004     Olga Tobreluts, Art Kiosk Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (solo)

2004     Olga Tobreluts, JMS Gallery, Oslo, Norway (solo)

2004     New Akademy, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bornholm, Denmark

2004     Photo Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)

2004     Ideal and Reality, GAS Corso Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, Turin, Italy (catalogue)

2004     Art and Geography, National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway (catalogue)

2003     Neue Ansatze, Kunsthalle, Dü sseldorf, Germany (catalogue)

2003 Photo Los Angeles, The 12th International Los Angeles Photographic Print Exposition “Sacred Figures” 


2003 The Fourth Sex : the Extreme Territory of Adolescence, Stazione Leopolda, Florence, Italy; Ludvig Museum and 

National Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2003     Holly Figures, Orel Art Presenta Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

2003     Emperor and Galilean, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway (catalogue) (solo)

2003     Emperor and Galilean, Russian National Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia (solo)

2003     Olga Tobreluts, Modern Contemporary Art Gallery, San Marino (solo)

2003     Art Digital, Center of contemporary art Mars, Moscow, Russia (solo)

2002     Russian Symbolism, Ludvig Museum, Koblenz, Germany

2002     Doll’s House, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway

2002     Fotobiennale, Large Manege, Moscow (catalogue)

2002     Snowgirl, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2002     Artist of Ideal, Palazzo Forte, Verona, Italy

2002     European Biennale of Photography, Manege, Moscow, Russia

2001     Abstraction in Russia, National Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2001     Beauty & Eroticism, Groninger Museum, Groningen, Holland

2001 Ciclo espositivo ex chiesetta di Sant Anna, galleria d’arte moderna e contemporanea San Marino, Italy 


2001     Rotterdam 2001 – St.Petersburg 2003, gallery Koffie verkeert, Rotterdam, Holland (catalogue)

2001     Sybaris, Baltic contemporary art biennale

2001     November Macedonsky Dream Freud Dream Muzeum, St.Petersburg, Russia (solo)

2000     SOMMARUSTILLINGA “Sacred Figures” Seljord Kunstforening (catalogue) (solo)

2000     Odiseya, Aidan gallery, Moscow, Russia (solo)

2000     Olga Tobreluts, Galerie Inge Baecker Koln, Germany (solo)

2000     Allegory, Freud Dream Muzeum, St.Petersburg (solo)

2000 Art 2000, New Art from Moscow, Saint Petersburg ; Kiev ; Kunstverein Rosenheim, Belgium Russian 

Neoacademism, Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark

2000     Odyssey, Travelling exhibition, Norway

2000     Contemporary art in the Traditional museum, Stiglitz Museum “Still life” St Petersburg, Russia

2000 Space of Tradition, Tomsk Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk Surikov Museum, Kemerove Museum, Novosibirsk Picture 

Gallery (catalogue)

2000     Heaven, Tate Gallery Liverpool, England

2000     Movement in the Art of Today, Museum for Modern Art Oostende

1999     Heaven, Kunsthalle Dü sseldorf, Germany

1999     After the Wall, Moderna Museet Stockholm, Sweden

1999     Nice Septembre de la Photo, Galerie du Châ teau

1999     Marble Palace, Russian State Museum St. Petersburg, Russia

1998     Latest Works, Art Kiosk Brussels, Belgium

1998     Family Portrait, Aidan Gallery Moscow, Russia

1998     Family Portrait, Sigraph New York

1998     National Gallery Warsaw, Poland

1998     Models, Turky, Finland

1998     Models, Art Kiosk Brussels

1998     Neue Russische Fotografie, Erholungshaus der Bayer AG Leverkusen

1997     St. Paul Cathedral Month of Photography, Bratislava

1997     Kabinet, Stedelick Museum Amsterdam

1997     Idylle and Katastrophe, Erfurt, Germany

1997     Metaphern des Entwektseins, Badischer Kunstoerein Kahlruhe, Germany

1997     Kasangju Biennale, Korea

1997     Passiones Lucii, Art Kiosk Brussels Belgium

1996     Adian Gallery Moscow, Russia

1996     Computer Photographs, Sketches, New Academy of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, Russia

1996     Photocenter Copenhagen, Denmark

1996     Computer Photographs, Ethnographs Museum St. Petersburg, Russia

1996     Interaction: Chance Visions, , SCCA

1992 - 1996     Renaissance and Resistance, Marble Palace St. Petersburg, Russia

1995     Kwangju Biennale, Kwangju, Korea

1994 - 1995     Self-Identification, Kiel, Berlin, Oslo, Sopot St. PEtersburg, Copenhagen

1989     Exhibition of Miniatures, Museum of Miniatures Toronto, Canada


1995     "Videovision" First Prize for "Woe from Wit ", "The Third Reality" Festival, St. Petersburg (catalogue)

1995     The Audience Sympathy Award on the Exhibition of the New Academy of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

1998     International Award for the video art "The Manifest of Neoakademism”, Karlsruhe, Germany (catalogue)

1998     Second prize "Best computer graphics" in Griffelkunst European competition Hamburg, Germany (catalogue)