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Has Art
Has Art has been a long-standing proponent of street art, and began his artistic career playing with lettering – distorting them, reinterpreting them and gradually creating to more abstract compositions. The exhibition will run from 26th March to 1st May 2014.

Five years on, street art is still central to Has Art’s practice, however his creative practice has evolved to focus on abstract art, creating an animated world of visual poetry where human existence, nature and emotions conflate in dynamic harmony. Each canvas depicts a unique narrative, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination through complex iconographies that at once seem fervent yet subtle.

With a matured and highly personal artistic language, Has Art explains, “I am interested in the benefit of art and artists in general. I take very graphic influences of street art and fuse this with abstract and ethnic inspirations. My goal for each work is to create more complex compositions, that reveal exquisite detail upon closer inspection, and thereby encourage varied interpretations.”

Trained in the field of graphic design, Has Art has an inclination towards detailing and often works continuously for more than 50 hours on a single drawing. He then leaves the work aside for months, retrieving it to rework it, polish it, erase it to just start all over again – until the ideal artistic expression is reached. Through these layers - the traces of the artist’s arduous labours – the artwork slowly evolves, endowed with rich hints of the brush strokes rhythm.

Has Art’s vivid creations address various themes and emotions, each unique to the artist’s intuitional state at the time of inspiration. His fantastical world invites the audience deep into the canvas, rendering them in a captivating realm that at times maybe difficult to emerge from. It is virtually impossible to comprehend all elements at once, the very result the artist hopes to achieve. Instead, forms slowly reveal themselves upon prolonged contemplation, this time-lapse permitting the audience to discover and rediscover the artwork to conjure different points of view. Whilst opening up subjective interpretations, Has Art concurrently offers consistence to his oeuvre, “I offer three readings of each of my paintings. One from afar with a global view; One closer with localised relevance; and One even closer where hidden details begin to appear.”

Has Art has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe, most recently a permanent collaboration with MaiProject (French shoes brand built on a humanitarian cause) (2013); a collaboration with Us & Them brand and collective exhibition at Alter Ego Gallery, Aix en Provence, France (2012); live painting performance at Yaam Club, Berlin, Germany (2013); and exhibition at Longchamp Palace, Marseille, France (2012).